Secular Franciscan Prayers for the Plenary Council

Prayers of the Faithful

On matters of importance to be mentioned in our prayers

(Submitted to the Plenary Council of Australia by the Secular Franciscan Order of Australia)

Explanation: These Prayers of the Faithful are an initial attempt to make petitions about the important topics that arise from the issues sent into the Plenary Council of Australia. As such they are only a beginning to the process which we Secular Franciscans feel is necessary to conscientise our Church through the Liturgy about the real needs of our people here in Australia.

We pray for the Catholic Church in Australia, that under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it may be an instrument of God’s peace throughout the nation and an example for the whole world.

We pray for the leadership of the Church in Australia, that (through the intercession of Our Lady, Help of Christians) the bishops, clergy and religious will continually sow Christ’s love where ever there is hatred, animosity and disdain for law of God’s love and compassion.

We pray for all those who serve in public office, that they may serve our nation with a passion for honesty, the grace of integrity, and a desire for unity among all the peoples of our nation.

We pray for the salvation of all the people in Australia, that they may be led from the darkness of sin through the grace of reconciliation into the eternal light of Christ’s mercy.

We pray for all those who are burdened in body, mind and spirit, by being abused, hurt and injured, that their sadness, doubt and despair may be healed by our kind prayers and the grace of our merciful Saviour.

We pray for all the faithful departed, especially those who have given their lives in the service our country, may they rejoice in the heavenly Jerusalem, with Our Lady Help of Christians and all the saints of heaven.

We pray for the re-evangelisation of our great nation that our generations of younger people truly appreciate the value of the gospel as a pattern for their lives.

We pray for the teachers in our schools that they may assist our young people to find a spirit of prayer and devotion and come to know the joy of a deeper personal relationship with our God.

We pray for those who strive to develop a deeper spirituality through Retreats and Spiritual Direction that the Holy Spirit may touch them in a special way and lead them into a deeper relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We pray that those working in mass media will seek out and share also the stories that give a good example and encourage our younger people to live lives that make a difference for a better community.

We pray for our priests and bishops that through the grace of the Holy Spirit they live lives of integrity and enthusiasm as they minister to their people especially those in the greatest need.

We pray for our priests in their role as confessors and spiritual directors that they may, with kindness and compassion bring healing and reconciliation to those who seek to become a person of grace and integrity.


A Secular Franciscan Prayer for Australia

The feast of Our Lady Help of Christians was proclaimed on the 24th of May 1814 by Pope Pius VII. “Our Lady Help of Christians”, was proclaimed patron of Australia in 1844 at the first Synod of New South Wales. St Mary’s Basilica in Sydney is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians. In 1852 this feast was authorised in Australia on a national basis.

Our Lady Help of Christians
Patron of Australia

Mary, Help of Christians,
look with care on our land of Australia.
By your powerful intercession,
may the Holy Spirit,
grant to us
the grace to work for justice, peace and ecology.
Above all else,
may the Holy Spirit
assist us to struggle for spiritual growth,
by granting us
a passion for honesty,
the grace of integrity,
a desire for unity,
an understanding of the dynamics of dialogue,
that our nation may be an instrument of peace
for the whole world
and our multicultural society,
a witness to the harmony
that can exist among all peoples.
Glorious Virgin Mary,
Mother of the Gospel life,
Help of Christians,
hear our prayer.




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