Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia

The Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia was created in 2019 to reach out to the needy and suffering throughout Australia and the world. Through donations received, the Mission Office has been able to broaden their outreach and help alleviate the suffering of some of society’s most marginalised.

An important aspect of the Mission is to be active and reactive – actively reaching out to assist the poor while reacting in a positive way to requests from our local and international brothers and sisters.

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Projects We Have Supported

Goa – India
Assisiting sick and elderly OFS members

In 2020 the OFS Mission responded to a request received from the Provincial Minister of the Capuchins in Goa for assistance for members of the Secular Franciscan Order in Goa. Our donation assisted thirteen members of the fraternity to purchase basic needs such as food and medication



Bethany House – Home for the elderly

In 2020 the OFS Mission made a donation to the Capuchin friars in Principe, off the western coast of equatorial Africa, to help build a home for the elderly. This project was supported by numerous OFS fraternities throughout the world.



The International Council of the Secular Franciscan Order in Rome, has enthusiastically adopted Wells4Africa as an international project, supported by OFS national fraternities throughout the world. Since 2018, Wells4Africa has implemented 12 water projects. The OFS Mission of Australia is grateful to be part of this international effort of Secular Franciscan fraternities throughout the world.


Supporting OFS victims of the Beirut blast

The Secular Franciscan Order in Australia was saddened to hear of the devastation caused to members of our own order in the 2020 blast in Beirut. The OFS Mission urgently sent funds to the International Council of the Secular Franciscan Order in support of those members.


Supporting Prinosca’s study

The OFS Mission of Australia is proud to sponsor Prinosca, a bright young lady from Goa, to study a four year Bachelor of Science degree in Anaesthesia Technology and Operation Theatre Technology, at Father Muller Medical College of Allied Health Sciences Kankanady Mangalore, India. Prinosca is the daughter of Secular Franciscan parents who are not financially able to support their daughter. The OFS Mission was more than happy to help them. In 2024 Prinosca will complete her final year of study.


Milk Bank

Operating on the Islands of San Tome e Principe off the Ivory Coast, Africa, The Milk Bank aims to secure fresh drinking milk for babies and young children to supplement their daily nutritional intake. The project also supports the delivery of educational resources to young children.


Supporting OFS Members

In 2021 a request was received from the National Minister of the OFS in Myanmar, describing the dire situation due to COVID-19 and its impacts on its members who were going without basic food and medical supplies. The OFS Mission of Australia was pleased to help our struggling Franciscan brothers and sisters in Myanmar


John Bradburne Memorial Society 

John Bradburne was a Secular Franciscan from England who spent 10 years caring for lepers in Zimbabwe, Africa. He was murdered in 1979. His cause for canonisation has begun. The JBMS was founded to support the Mutemwa Care Centre in Zimbabwe where John served. The OFS Mission of Australia is pleased to make an ongoing donation to the JMBS in aid of their good work.



Support for the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady

In response to the earthquake and severe storms in Haiti during August 2021, the OFS Mission of Australia made a donation to the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady sisters in support of their work. The sisters operate a Hospital, Outpatients Clinic and Nutrition Centre for mums and bubs. They also offer education and social welfare services. The quake and floods have placed additional stress on the services they provide and have depleted their reserves.


Support for flood victims

Following the 2021 Christmas floods in states of Bahia, and Minas Gerais, Brazil, an urgent appeal was sent out by the International Council of the Secular Franciscan Order to OFS fraternities throughout the world in support of  victims. The OFS Mission of Australia made an immediate response to this appeal.



In response to the war in Ukraine, the OFS Mission of Australia sent out an urgent appeal to support the Franciscans on the ground in their work. This appeal was generously received by OFS member throughout Australia, raising over $13,000 which was immediately sent to the friars in Ukraine.


Padre Pio Fraternity – Hair Salon

In 2022, the OFS Mission of Australia received a request from the Padre Pio OFS fraternity in Uganda to help fund the establishment of a hair salon to employ members of their fraternity, as well as members of the YouFra. Through this project the ladies of the fraternity will earn an income and support their children’s school fees as well as other basic necessities. The OFS Mission was excited to support our sisters in Uganda.


Earthquake Appeal

In wake of the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the International Council of the Secular Franciscan Order issued an urgent appeal for fundraising to support the victims. Throught the generosity of  OFS members throughout Australia the OFS Mission was able to send $5000 to Turkey and Syria.


The Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia greatly welcomes any donations that can assist us in transforming the lives of those living in poverty.

If you could help us help others, please find out how to Donate here.  Thank you.



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