Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia

The Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia was created in 2019 to reach out to the needy and suffering throughout Australia and the world. Through donations received, the Mission Office has been able to broaden their outreach and help, alleviate the suffering of some of society’s most marginalised.

An important aspect of the Mission is to be active and reactive – actively reaching out to assist the poor while reacting in a positive way to requests from our local and international brothers and sisters.

In under two years of operation, the Mission has already supported a number of worthy projects:

  • Bethany House (Island of Principe), a home for the frail and aged;
  • Province of St. Anthony (Goa, India), to directly support 14 local Secular Franciscan Fraternities in their ministry;
  • John Bradburne Memorial Society (Mutemwa, Zambia), to provide leprosy prevention programs and egg-producing chickens for the villagers
  • The Milk Bank (Sao Tome and Principe), to secure fresh milk and education resources for young children;
  • Education Pathway Sponsorship (Goa, India), support to a bright, young female student who is studying for a Bachelor of Science degree (Anaesthesia Technology and Operation Theatre Technology)
  • Franciscan International who work to give voices to those communities affected by climate change;
  • CIOFS’ campaigns Wells4Africa, ensuring fresh drinking water across several African villages;
  • Franciscan families in Myanmar who are suffering the from the impacts of COVID-19; and
  • Franciscan families who lost everything in the 2020 explosion in Beirut

The Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia greatly welcomes any donations that can assist us in transforming the lives of those living in poverty.

If you could help us help others, please find information how to Donate here.  Thank you.


Principe Update – December 2021

Thank you to Br Venture for sending us this video showing the progress of the home for the frail and aged in Principe that the Secular Franciscan Order in Australia continues to support through the generous donations of our members.



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