The San Damiano Cross

San Damiano Cross

… Source of Perfect Joy …


Saint Bonaventure places the incident of Saint Francis and the San Damiano Cross in the context of the bridegroom and his bride by simply writing “… one day when Francis went out to meditate in the fields, he walked near the church of San Damiano…”[1] This text from Genesis 24:63 tells the story of when Isaac the son of Abraham and Sarah first met his beautiful bride Rebekah. The text of Genesis reads, “Now Isaac went walking in the fields as evening fell, and looking up saw camels approaching. And Rebekah looked up and saw Isaac.” This romantic approach to the story is so typical of the Seraphic Doctor. He reminds us to be careful as we approach the San Damiano Crucifix that we have a spirit of prayer and devotion before we begin to read this most precious icon and allow it to speak to us and reveal its riches.

If you wish to learn more about this beautiful Cross that spoke to Saint Francis of Assisi please download the following pdf here.

[1] The Major Legend of Saint Francis Chapter 2