Missions Newsletter Christmas 2023

In September, the Secular Franciscan Order Mission of Australia was pleased to transfer funds to the Padre Pio fraternity in Uganda to establish a hairdressing salon. This project will provide an opportunity for members from the fraternity to gain vocational skills, enabling them to earn an income and provide for their children’s education.

The funds enabled the fraternity to purchase salon equipment such as wall dryers, hair steamer, mirrors, metallic chairs, sink, curling irons, hair straighteners, electric hot combs and other necessary tools to equip their salon.

We would once again like to thank our donors for their generous support which enabled the OFS Mission to assist our sister fraternity in Uganda.

We were delighted receive our first update from Padre Pio fraternity and hear of the progress which has so far been made.

We take this opportunity to wish all of our donors a happy and holy Christmas season.

Pax et bonum!


News from Uganda


Ongoing Support For Prinosca

Since August 2020, the OFS Mission of Australia has been supporting Prinosca Baretta, the daughter of a Secular Franciscan member from the province of Goa, India, who has been studying  Allied Health Sciences.

In 2024 the OFM Mission will be pleased to continue support for Prinosca as she completes her final year of studies. In addition to the financial support given by our donors, we ask for your continued prayers for Prinisca as she enters this final stage of her studies.


John Bradburn Memorial Society

This Christmas, the JBMS is aspiring to fulfil a critical need for the community of Mutemwa with the acquisition of a tractor. This indispensable asset will significantly contribute to the overall well-being and sustenance of the community to facilitate the ploughing of maize, a vital staple food providing crucial nutritional support. Moreover, it will aid in the cultivation of beans, groundnuts and other vital crops. Additionally it will play a crucial role in transporting inputs to the fields and carrying the harvested crops, thereby streamlining the agricultural processes in Mutemwa.

The OFS Mission is pleased to contribute $500 towards this worthy cause and would like to encourage others to donate to the JMBS by visiting their website.

The John Bradburne Memorial Society (JBMS) was founded as a charity in England in 1995 in order to help support Mutemwa Care Centre in Zimbabwe. It was set up in honour of it’s late warden, John Bradburne, a Secular Franciscan himself, who spent the last 10 years of his life from 1969 -1979 caring for the leprosy patients of Mutemwa.


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In Gratitude for your generous support, Masses will be offered up for all of our donors by our Franciscan friars.





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